the road

Larry J. Almon, III a.k.a “Almon Gold” was born in September of ’93 in Ohio. He received his Bachelor’s Degree: Business/Sociology concentration and a Music Technology minor from Georgia Southern University in July, 2015. He currently resides in Phoenix, AZ. 

“Almon Gold” began singing in school concerts, choir, etc.  However, being the grandson/namesake of Larry “LA” Almon of the Buckeye Politicians, he had a hidden music legacy in his blood!  Having grown up in a home where music was often played daily, it was a big part of his life.  As a kid, all he wanted to do was play video games and sports; even though games and sports interested him, he was always captivated by artists like James Brown, Michael Jackson, Usher, and Justin Timberlake. 

"Almon Gold’s" desire for music heightened when he deepened his passion for singing.  Although he loved it, his lack of confidence kept him from singing in front of anyone.  Later in high school, he caught a whiff of Fruity Loops Studio, he dabbled in the program and really began to like it.  During his sophomore year in college, he began remembering his musical experiences and decided to get back to it.  With a desire to go to the next level, it brought about a new found degree of commitment, skill, and creativity, raising his confidence in his abilities.  This was the beginning of “Almon Gold”. 

As a local artist in Phoenix, Arizona, "Almon Gold" has developed new relationships in the Arizona music scene; most notedly, Respect The Underground.  Through their partnership, he was able to participate in two separate performance challenges: Respect The Underground Presents: Who is #NewAZ and The Slim Thug & Stripper Olympics Opening Act Challenge.  "Almon Gold" won the opportunity to open up for Slim Thug at The 15th Annual Stripper Olympics.  As his lyrics state, “This is only the beginning”, as he is working with others to take his career to the next level!